Wheat room

Grain, plant the staple man. Useful for making flour, bread, pasta. Wheat is a distinctive element of our territory; needless to mention the main oil production areas, such as the Val d’Orcia (once called the granary of the province of Siena), the Crete Senesi and the Val di Chiana.
The room and ‘equipped with full furniture: bed and bedside tables, complete bedroom set of linen, television, electricity supply, hot and cold water, heating, air conditioning, independent entrance, daily cleaning.
The level of service is comparable to that of a hotel, inn, guest house, inn or hostel three stars, while the cost is affordable and comparable to that of cheap hotels, hotels, guest houses, inns or hostels to a star!
The furniture is in shades spruce, and the complements that decorate the room are yellow gold hue as the ear of corn. The rooms are all well lit by sunlight.
The room overlooks the private garden, ensuring maximum quiet and privacy.
A good durum wheat produced locally, if you will, will accompany your stay.